Business Energy Advice Centre is a concept developed and created by Air-Site Ltd, reaching out to all medium and large businesses which would like to cut their OPEX (operational expenses) and minimise their carbon footprint without making an investment.


 We are able to do this by implementing green and power saving solutions in your place of business which include:

 • Installing Pressure Cooling systems which could replace, or work in conjunction with your current air conditioning unit.

• Adding various types of sensors in your workplace which can turn your equipment on/off accordingly.

• Reducing your equipment’s servicing requirements.

• Assessing your workplaces’ power consumption and preparing an improvement plan.

• Supplying your business with the newest and most sophisticated ‘green’ money saving methods.


Why Go Green?


The rising cost of energy is increasingly becoming a large part of every business’ operational expenses. In addition, organisations are required to declare their carbon footprint and related policies to the public and authorities.

‘Air-Site helped us to cut our electricity consumption by half.’

-Sustainability Director of Swedish Telenor (Former Vodafone)

We all want to help build a better future world so why not make the effort profitable at the same time.

Our leading technology helps you reach substantial savings and make your business environment - friendly. If you are making a good deed for the environment you should feel good about it – and be able to see the financial return! Let us help you! is a unique service provided by Air-Site Ltd.


Air-Site is the pioneer and a European leader in green cooling and ventilation technology.

Among others, Air-Site’s unique solution – DeltaMaster - uses Pressure Cooling, a method of using nature’s own forces to cool which is admittedly the most efficient technique in terms of power consumption and requires least service of all.  To see how the cooling system works, please see the ‘Technology’ Tab of our website. Here you will find a Product Catalogue for DeltaMaster.


For over 15 years the Pressure Cooling technology has been exclusive to Telecom Operators due to the economies of scale. It has literally cut the power consumption of more than 23 000 technical equipment rooms to half.


SiteManager, another pioneering technology by Air-Site has also helped equipment room owners to save site visits and perform even further cuts in power consumption, enhancing their operational efficiency. For more information about Site Manager you can view SiteManager's Brochure.


Business Energy Advice Centre now offers this leading technology package to equipment room owners such as businesses with server rooms, transformer stations and fibre optic cabins.


The company was established in Sweden; where all of our products are designed and manufactured. We also operate in Denmark, Belgium, Germany, Poland and Czech Republic. We are now opening up to United Kingdom.

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